This piece placed fourth in the national Hearst Journalism Awards competition in its Multimedia category. There were more than 70 entries from 49 different schools. I wrote the story and shot the video featured in text. 

Drive-in are a physical link to the past, a link that weakens every year as drive-ins continue to close. I spent more than 20 hours at a local drive-in and called 12 drive-in theaters owners in New York State while reporting this story. I coded the online special format and the interactive map showing every open drive-in in New York.  

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Funk 'n Waffles served the Syracuse University community for 10 years. The student-favorite closed its original location, and covered its entire last day from opening to closing. 

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Syracuse resident David Hawxhurst has spent 25 years collecting Smith Corona Typewriters, and now has 122 typewriters arranged in shelving units in his garage. I stumbled upon this man while looking for story ideas on Craigslist.

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